Tarpaulin Applications

Tarpaulin Applications

Tarps have many applications. They can be used for a variety of situations. We hire tarps or you may wish to buy. Either way we can accommodate you. Some common usage examples include:-

Roof Tarpaulins. Protection from the weather for house renovations.

Floor Tarps. Protect new floors on building sites. ( builders floor sheets )

Party Tarps. Outdoor event protection from the sun and the rain.

Cover Tarps. Use tarps to cover boats, cars, machinery, farm equipment, what every needs protection from the elements.

Camping. Great for canopies should the weather turn.

Floor Membranes- Floor taps for the protection of floors when building or renovationg

Tarpaulins come in any sizes and can be made from a variety of types of material to suit the application. Some of the most common types of material used areĀ  high grade PVC, PE and canvas.